Laoshi Deniz

Laoshi Deniz’s organic style of Qigong is immediately accessible to people of all ages and experience levels. His approach allows students to quickly experience the joys of Qigong energy flow along with the far-reaching benefits of Qigong as ‘Movement Medicine’. 

Laoshi Deniz uses his 25 years of experience working with people from all walks of life. His Award-winning Qigong programmes are successfully used in the NHS, Parkinson’s UK and The Royal Voluntary Service to name but a few organisations. They won the coveted Active Norfolk ‘Activity in the Community Award’ 2019 and have been nominated by the Chief Nurse of the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for the ‘RCNi Nursing Awards’ 2020 (finals planned for July 2020). Laoshi Deniz also shares Qigong with the general public through his popular teachings and draws upon his own significant life experiences and life-long studies of Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism and Zen to inspire his students; whilst weaving in stories, simple but profound ideas, and their interpretation to enrich their practice.

He is a highly regarded award-winning authority of Qigong and as the author of ‘Move Life Better’, his approach and method of teaching have been hailed as “the spark that will surely ignite a revolution in the way in which Qigong is practised and taught in the modern world”.

If you spend any time at all with Laoshi Deniz you immediately understand why so many people around the world choose to study with him. His passion, charm, intelligence, tireless energy, and child-like enthusiasm are infectious.


Move Life Better

Move Life Better was conceived on the 16 March 2020, the day that Laoshi Deniz reinvented his way of delivering his teaching to being online as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. During this unprecedented time, the Rainbow is being used as the symbol of hope–that somewhere, over the rainbow, the dreams that you dream of can come true and there are happier days ahead. The MLB logo was designed by Deniz in all the rainbow colours in recognition and in remembrance of this time and the grey outline is a representation that we are all together and interconnected.

We are all interconnected

The purpose of MLB is:

to share authentic and real Qigong,

to make Qigong the People’s Practice and accessible to everyone,

to actively encourage Qigong as Movement Medicine,

to empower individuals to help themselves towards physical health, mental balance and a spiritual connection to nature,

to bring people together, albeit from home. 

It is Laoshi Deniz’s mission to interconnect people through the synchronised regular practice of live Qigong. By nurturing and increasing personal health and wellbeing, we are spreading positive healing energies to all of humanity and all over the planet which is also confirmed by today’s science. In this new W.I.S.E. (Worldwide Interconnected Societal Engagement) form; every human, every animal and living being will be connected. Together we can find sustainable ways to heal ourselves as well as the Oceans, Forests, Animals and Mother Earth to manifest World Peace through Self Peace.

Charitable Donation

The world has never faced a crisis like COVID-19. The pandemic is impacting communities everywhere. It’s never been more urgent to support the global response. The humanity, solidarity and generosity of people and organisations everywhere is also unprecedented. But we can’t stop now. To show our support MLB will donate 5% for every student that enrols to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO (World Health Organisation).