Our Sangha


What is a sangha and what do we do?

If you aren’t familiar with the term sangha, it means a community of friends practising mindfulness and mindful living to bring about and maintain awareness.

The Grey Heron Sangha provides the opportunity for anyone that is busy, with a lot on their minds; to come together in community with mindfulness and awareness. We stop. We quieten, become calm and let go...together.

The sangha provides a safe place; a community where we can take care of ourselves with others who share our practice. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go; it is our opportunity to put down our projects, our calendars, let go of our worries, fears, deadlines and just ‘be’. Be with your mind, be with your body, be with your ancestors, be truly here and present in the moment.

Who joins our sangha?

Our sangha is made up of people of all ages, with all kinds of experience and levels of practice. You don’t need to be a Buddhist to practice. You don’t need to be anything—just a real human being. Everyone can practice because everyone can breathe.

If you are new, or this is your first time doing something like this, we welcome you and we will all benefit from your presence. Don’t worry; there are no rules to break and nothing to do wrong. In fact, there is nothing to do! You are lucky to have what we call a ‘beginners mind’ and many of us work hard to cultivate our beginner's mind.

How long is it?

Sessions last between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes (depending on how many members we have in the session) and include sitting meditation, dharma reading/video/audio, and mindful sharing. For that hour we have, we will give ourselves a gift of this time to stop and take care of ourselves. This time is our chance to stop running, stop ‘doing’, clear our minds and be in the present moment.

When do we meet?

We meet every Monday evening from 8 pm - 9.15 pm. Our meetings are held via Zoom. We have carefully created practice guidelines so the experience is as close as we can get to face-to-face meetings. Your experience will be safe, joyful and all-inclusive.

What does it cost?

Following the Buddhist tradition of practising generosity, called dana, we will invite you to contribute to the sangha whenever we meet. If you can contribute, any amount will be joyfully accepted

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